July 30: Trent River Fossil Expedition

A message from Charlotte Ostrowski:

I'm leading an all-day fossil hunting expedition along the Trent River, just outside of Courtenay, July 30th.

This will be quite a strenuous all-day hike, so anyone taking part in this should be in good physical condition, and in comfortable footwear with good support. There are several steep grades along our route, including two that involve using climbing ropes that are attached to trees at the top of the trail. Depending on people's comfort level, we may or may not proceed up the ropes, past the falls. However, participants will be required to sign a waiver.

Bring a lunch, and if you can, rock hammers and chisels — along with safety glasses — fossil I.D. books and whatever else you think might be useful. Hikers are also encouraged to bring their swim suits as there is a popular swimming hole at the Trent River Falls, which is along our route.

Log in for details about meeting time and place. Or email Charlotte.