October Annual Test Sale

Every fall Mensa Canada offers a reduced price of $30 for testing that takes place in October. The date is aligned with Intelligence Days and Testing Days in all Mensa countries around the world.

The hope is that local groups will promote the sale and use the low price to increase test-taking and, ultimately, membership.

Proctors can schedule testing dates any time in October.

All candidates will receive an email confirmation of their results about four weeks after the test. It will include their test score. If they are in the top 98 per cent, the email will contain an application form to join Mensa.

Joining after Oct. 1 means that their membership will include all of 2017 as well.

This is the ideal time to encourage your friends and family to join Mensa! The cost for the test will be $30 during October and then revert to $90 in November.

For more information, see the notice on Mensa Canada’s web site here:

Contact our local proctor for more information.