Dr Diane Barnes on the Island

Diane M Barnes, MD, Mensan, Actor, Writer, Storyteller, Solo Performer, brings her show to Vancouver Island this month.


This show just might save your life!

  • Nanaimo Fringe Festival
    The Port Theater Lobby 125 Front Street
    Nanaimo, BC, Canada
    7:30PM Friday Aug 11, 7:15PM Saturday Aug 12, 8:30PM Wednesday Aug 16,
    6:30PM Thursday Aug 17, 8:30PM Friday Aug 18, 7PM Saturday Aug 19
  • Victoria Fringe Festival
    St. Andrew's Kirk Hall 680 Courtney St
    Victoria, BC, Canada
    Fri Aug 25, 6:45pm Sat Aug 26, 4:30pm Sun Aug 27, 2:30pm
    Tue Aug 29 , 9:15pm Sat Sep 2, 12:45pm Sun Sep 3, 7:30pm

Dr Barnes writes:

Did you know the average person looses 1.9 million brain cells every minute a stroke goes untreated? I knew; I’m a doctor, a radiologist who diagnoses strokes! But I did not deal with having a stroke very well. It was 21 hours before I drove myself to the hospital! Come see how that worked out for our family — me, a single parent by adoption, and my two biracial, ‘tween, sons — one gifted, one special needs.

For more information, visit her website:

She may even make a surprise appearance at one of our social events, but no promises, eh?